About the Network

Our NordBiz network started in the middle of the 90's and has since then successfully worked with student and staff exchange. We have also developed a joint bachelor's program as well as three intensive courses.

We started our network due to the fact that the Nordic and Baltic countries have a common historical cultural background and the same values of human rights, democracy and business ethics. By this co-operation we want to stress the Nordic and Baltic values in society and business life. Our main priority is to assure the quality of all our activities within the network. We make sure that the participating universities support our work. Therefore it is important that the Deans of the partner institutions participate in the development of the network.

The network is complete since 2014 when we invited the last member from Latvia, Stockholm School of Economics Riga. This means that our network now has partners from all the Nordic and Baltic countries.

In the spring of 2011 we carried out the new intensive course for the first time, Business Strategies for Sustainable Development. The course took place at Mälardalen University in Västerås for the first time. The course continue for another two years (in Norway and in Lithuania) and was replaced in the spring of 2014 (Estonia) with another intensive course Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship. In April 2016 this intensive course was given for the third time in Latvia (see more about our intensive course(s) under "Projects").


Our main priority is to assure the quality of all our activities within our NordBiz-network. We make sure that the participating universities will support our work. Therefore it is important that our “controllers” – the Deans, at our universities have the possibility to meet and discuss our work.

The goals of our NordBiz network are to continue to develop and promote cross-cultural and interdisciplinary courses, academic programs and add value to existing education responsive to a changing global environment. We want to facilitate co-operation between universities and enterprises and improve the exchange of information and know-how. We want to help create distinct competitive advantages for operators/business and enrich the overall image and vitality of the community. The purpose is also to promote activities which enable the exchange of experience and information regarding higher education regulations and policies among its members.

We want to enhance the opportunities for educational staff development through staff mobility and will assist university policy makers in developing the academic culture of their institutions. Our objective is also to promote activities that will enhance the opportunities for student mobility.