The BusinessPlus program is an exchange program between the participating institutions, which recognize the programs running at the other partner institutions. The academic level of the programs is thus recognized as being of equal quality.

Students participating succesfully receive a double degree.

Requirements for the double degree is that students spend at least one academic year  (60 ECTS credit) at any of the other partner institutions. In this way, students will be able to follow high quality specializations at the participating institutions. The program requires the students to start their studies at their home institution and continue at one or more of the other partner institutions. It is recommended that the exchange period takes place during the second or third year of study. There are specific requirements at each partner institution in concerns to: the degree project, number of credits in certain subject areas etc.

As exchange students within the BusinessPlus program you will receive scholarship:

• Travel (to and from Iceland): €660
• Travel (to and from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden): €330
• Accommodation/board: €200 / month (5 months per semester)

Please contact the NordPlus coordinator at your home institution for more information. The agreement between the participating institutions is currently under development but will hopefully be up and running again within a near future